GARY BURROWS has played as a drummer / singer / songwriter since the mid sixties in bands that have left lasting impressions on audiences all around Australia. BRASS CARNIVAL, HIJAK, THE BOYS and THE MOONDOGS.

After some personal tragedies in 2000 part of Gary's recovery process was to immerse himself in his songwriting and as a consequence THE RUSTLERS were formed. In this band Gary came out from behind his drums to play guitar and sing his own compositions. THE RUSTLERS are renowned for their extensive original repertoire covering the contemporary, rock and roll and country rock genres.

In 2009 Gary was inducted into the South Australian Country Music Hall of Fame not only for his songwriting but also for his contribution to the music industry in general over the last 40 years and two and a half decades with APRA (The Australasian Performing Right Society).

For the first time Gary, with The Rustlers and longtime friend Eddy Newborn (keyboards The Smarty Boys), relives those memories and  reveals the inspiration for many of the songs and the people he wrote about. Katrina Caton, whom Gary considers one of the finest guitarist / singers in Adelaide will not only open the show but will also make an emotional guest appearance in the first of two sets.

Photography by Ian Fisk
©Copyright 2010